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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

             I just finished printing out my photos of the garden and pinning them in sequence across the front of the space I'm going to draw my design in. Now that that step is done I will make another  black line drawing of design. The first design I was going to use I felt just had to much roadway in the design and I decided to focus more on the garden.
        I will  pick out all the features I think will be represent to look of the garden best and make drawing of each and then place the drawing of each feature in the center design.
          Once the black and white drawing is finished I can transfer the design to a piece of fabric and start making the appliques and fabric pieces I will need for the center and outside edge of the quilt.
      I like to make garden quilts because I am able to use up allot of scraps and I love gardens and doing a quilt like this is very relaxing. It really helps reduce stress. 
       I could have taken and panoramic view of the garden and made photos but I decided to do it this way . and just take single shots , print them and  put them together. Both work

      This is all I'm going to do today because I need to do some work on the resource list  for a book my friend and I are working on.  
     I try to get a little time in each day to work on the quilt,  It is a big project and will take several  weeks to finish.
     I'm also starting a new project in the next day or two. I'm going to make some swirled  polymer beads that will look like pieces of Christmas candy. I wanted to make them to put in the shop for the Christmas season this year. I need to cut some stencils so I can paint snowflakes on fabric to make bags from. Never can start to soon for Christmas. Thought I would keep the projects simple this year and do a couple of simple projects because I  working on two big jobs and I don't want to get overwhelmed.

Friday, August 15, 2014

            I  started the new quilt a few days ago .
            I picked eight vegetable and three fruits  to put on the outside edge of the quilt. These are the vegetables and fruits that my neighbor has brought me this year. 
           I will be making appliques of each fruit and vegetable.
   The next thing I'm going to be doing is drawing the design of the garden in the blank center .
         I took allot of pictures of my neighbors garden . I will  resize my photos and print out the ones I'm going to use to make my patterns from for the quilt.

        Once I get all the patterns made I will cut  the fabric for each pattern and put them in separate bags.
   I have placed  a piece of clear wrapping paper over the top of my design and  once I get my design drawn on the freezer paper  I will draw a second pattern on the clear wrapping paper and use this black line drawing to help me place all the pattern pieces . 
        This quilt will take me three to six months to complete.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Hey From Hot Hot California,
  Finally got time to write a little and post a few photos.
        I have everything laid out on the table to start on the new quilt. I hope my neighbor likes it when I"m finished. I did the first black and white draft ,on freezer paper, of the quilt. The next thing I will do is make a final drawing that I will make two copies of and then I can use on to make my patterns from/
       I got photos printed out on copy  paper using the pics I got of my neighbors garden. with my camera last week.I will use these photos to make my applique patterns.
      This is a photo of my quilt project set up. I have been going through my fabric and looking for fabric I can use for my vegetables. I am going to make appliques to go around the outside edge of the quilt. When it is possible I'm going to use photos Ive taken of the vegetables, and print them onto fabric ,that are being brought to me.

     This is a picture of my first draft. I will changes the design while making the quilt and many times it does not look like my original pattern.
         This is the fabric that I will put my final drawing on before I start the quilt. I have also chosen a fabric with a country feel to it for the backing fabric.
                  Here are a couple of pictures of vegetables I have been given . I will print them onto fabric then over paint and machine stitch the surface then apply them to the quilt.

       My sister ask me to do a fabric card for her husband for his  birthday so since he is an artist I'm going to  make an artist palette and make the brushes and paint on the palette from fabric scraps I have on hand. lately I have been making these kind of cards for family and friends but I think I will make some to sale in the shop.     When I finish the card I will post a picture of it.    
     Well wouldn't    you know it   HA HA my light just went out on my sewing machine. I have also been having troubles with my computer because it is 10 years old. and a couple of days ago I haven't been able to load my desktop. Look like i need a new machine . Luckily I have a number a friend gave me where I can by a computer for a very reasonable price of $ 85.00.  So Ill givem   a call tomorrow.            
      I am also posting a picture of tone of the scrap bags I was working on a few weeks ago and posted about.
     Here is a picture of the almost finished bag.Once I get a light for my machine I can finish it.