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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

New News
 Wow it's been awhile since I've been able to post.
I have had allot of company and I had to prepare myself to give my trunk show  speach at the Palermo  Grange Hall this last Thursday for the Oroville Piecemakers Qult Guild.
 Having  company was great since it was my two granddaughters .
Doing the trunk show was a great experience.
  I enjoyed doing it. Now I am not a public speaker and I'm sure I made mistakes but I had a wonderful time.
    Delicious snacks were provided and the ladies who attended were  very gracious and wonderful to talk to.
    The announcement they put in their newsletter was very nice and I appreciated the opportunity to speak to them.
 They had some members and guest  exhibit some quilts they made and they were just beautiful.
  They are a vibrant involved guild and they have some wonderful events  coming up in the next few months.
    One of the reasons I have not listed is  Microsoft has ended its tech support and upgrades for my type of computer so I need to get another one. I haven't learned to manage my photos on my kindle so I need to find another way to post my photos.

   Today I am working on a Monarch Butterfly bag  for a new customer and a bracelet  for my cousin.
I have decide to start a new quilt and to work on a fabric bowl. The fabric bowl will have a 3-d effect in the bowl and the quilt will be small . Some where around 20 to 25 in.

 I am going to make a few things for an up coming event my friend is doing next month .
I will post all the details.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spring has Sprung 
 I love this time of year. blossoms sending sweet perfume into the air. This time of years has got me to  thinking about flowers, birds and beautiful butterflies . 

    I have been  busy getting ready for my upcoming Trunk Show at the Palermo Grange Hall in April.  I am very excited to be able to have the opportunity to speak about my passion.
    Not only will I be showing some of my quilts . I will be taking some purses with flower motifs , butterfly bags, polymer bead necklaces I have been working on and fabric bowls.
     I am working with allot of bright colors this year and trying to do some things I haven't done before.
     I also want to start  working on a couple of new  small landscape quilts.  I'm limited on the time I can have to work on quilts so I thought I would make a couple of quilts around 20 inches in diameter instead of the large sizes I've been doing . I enjoy making the small round quilts and that is what I seem to be  drawn to do right now.
   Here are a few photos of  my latest projects.
This is a simple fabric flower.  It is good to make  when you want to use up scrap fabric you have left over from projects. It is made from one strip of fabric folded in half and stitched with a running stitch along the bottom edge that you pull together to create ruffles. Stitch the bottom closed and ad a button or other embellishment. You can make it any size or color . I added a couple of  fabric leaves I hand ready made.

 This next flower is  called a Sakura. I attached a clasp to the back so it could be worn as a broach .  I added three pearls to the center.You could wear it as a hair clip. or you could pin it on a bag. this is another flower that can be made from scraps. You can find videos on you tube that show the process of making these kind of flowers. I am going to try a pattern today to make a orchid which I think will be fun. 
  This is a bowl I just finished . I used two size patterns to make this bowl. one for the inside and one for the outside petals.
  I painted the fabric with acrylic fabric paint .
The center of flower was done with texture paste and acrylic paint. I made the leaves
using two pieces of fabric stitched together and turned  plus a few  of scrap fabric to ad a touch of color. I stitched the bowl together on my  machine with invisible thread.

 The last pics are the Natasha beads and what I call " Roche  Pendents"
I made them from left over pieces of polymer clay that I had made polymer flowers canes from. I mashed them together and twisted them a little and shaped them into rectangles. I cut these in half and cut the halves in half and made the beads. I made three kinds of necklaces from the polymer clay .
   The pendents were made from sliced beads which I opened like a book , cut in half and baked. I sanded with lightweight sand paper  and applied a solution to make them shine. I used glass beads for the rest of the necklaces. I added a toggle clasp to each.  Today I am working on fabric purses and I will post pictures of the ones I finish today.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

New Shirt  Finished

 Here is the new shirt I did . Finished and dry.  I Love it. I think i will get some more dye and  dye the top a little darker navy blue.

Off to work on some new things today.